Thursday, April 14, 2011

These things are not my business

I am not in the business of buying or selling.
I do not traffic in Ukrainian women, in Russian

vodka or American futures, whatever those are.
I have never once been referred to as a mogul.

I own no private jet, nor have I ever hopped
a redeye to or from LAX. If the market is

a bear or a bull, I wouldn’t know, though I
have met both bears and bulls in the flesh.

I have never made a margin call, though I
used to draw pictures of naked women

in the margins of my notebooks in high school.
I have never once phoned in the payroll,

signed another’s paycheck or fired someone
with or without cause. I have never owned

a slave nor oppressed a factory full of
children. As far as venture capital goes,

I’m green as the moss on my front porch,
which grows steadily in this late afternoon

rain, which, it seems, it is my business
to note and measure, to channel and celebrate.

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